As the Oil and Gas Producers’ Association recognized that deluge systems do not always meet their design intent, it contracted Resource Protection International (RPI) to develop a guidance note under the leadership of their Safety Committee on the overall process of Fire Systems Integrity Assurance (FSIA).

The FSIA process is designed to help facility operators and fire responders ensure that Fire Systems used are fit for purpose and operate in accordance with their design intent.

The FSIA process

steps are
  1. Set performance standards to clearly define exactly what measurable criteria the system must meet
  2. Develop component specifications which are required to meet the performance criteria
  3. Develop relevant test, inspection and maintenance procedures through on-going performance can be assured
  4. Implement and keep records of the test, inspection and maintenance program.

In order to keep your deluge system in perfect working order, SIRON Fire Protection Services can provide a bespoke maintenance program with a clear planning preventative maintenance routine which is cost effective.

Regular inspections will guarantee the deluge system to be in a fit for purpose condition at all times.

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Don’t hesitate to contact us any time

Don’t hesitate to contact us any time