Shell DTS:01 / DTS01 Testing

SIRON have a purpose built wet deluge testing facility in order to facilitate the water spray testing required in the Shell DTS:01 “Test Schedule For Electrical Equipment To Be Installed In Areas Subject To Water Deluge Systems” as amended, August 1991.

We can accommodate and test to the required parameters a wide range of equipment including;
but not limited to:

  • Cable Glands
  • Enclosures
  • Junction Boxes
  • Motors
  • Pumps
  • Solenoids
  • Light Fittings
  • Seals
siron deluge services dts01 testing 01 shell DTS:01 Testing
siron deluge services dts01 testing 02 shell DTS:01 Testing
siron deluge services dts01 testing 03 shell DTS:01 Testing
siron deluge services dts01 testing 04 shell DTS:01 Testing
siron deluge services dts01 testing 05 shell DTS:01 Testing
siron deluge services dts01 testing 06 shell DTS:01 Testing

After each item is thoroughly tested as per Shell DTS01:91 a comprehensive and detailed Certificate of Compliance is issued for each test sample. We have worked with many large manufacturing companies to assist them getting new products certified. Our purpose built test facility is one of only ones globally and we can consistently offer clients a fast turnaround after the thermal and cold ageing process has been completed.


DTS01 Testing

The DTS01 Test Specification was developed by Shell UK in conjunction with ERA Technology. Since its inception in 1991 it has become widely accepted by all major offshore operating companies as the standard to meet in respect of deluge protection.

Electrical equipment on offshore installations may be located in areas which are equipped with emergency deluge protection systems. Exposure of such equipment to high intensity water spray must not lead to water ingress in quantities which could cause the equipment to become a potential source of ignition when exposed to a flammable atmosphere.

The introduction of DTS:01 created a standard method of tests to be carried out on electrical equipment, components, devices and motors to simulate their exposure to realistic water deluge conditions and establish their potential hazard. This was considered to far outreach any of the Ingress Protection tests that were already performed under the IEC 60529 standard, as longer term exposure to the typical marine and offshore environment often brought with it more onerous conditions than those anticipated by IEC 60529.

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