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Cleaning and descaling pipe systems pipework

Using our unique methodology and advanced tooling that is custom made for SIRON we have the capability of descaling and cleaning all types of open ended pipe work without harming the parent material. Using a combination of water jetting and mechanical cleaning we have successfully cleaned the following type of systems, when the clients where looking at an extensive pipe replacement as a solution. As our techniques are non invasive then we can access any pipe work in location without having to remove large sections. This minimises downtime for each system and is by far the most economical field proven technology available to recondition scaled or clogged pipe work from ½” up to 12” diameters:

  • •  Fire Water Ring Mains
  • •  Cooling Water Lines
  • •  Hydrocyclone Tubing
  • •  Platform or Rig Drainage Systems
  • •  Diesel Lines
  • •  Fire Pump Caisson
  • •  Seawater Caisson
  • •  Lube Oil Lines
  • •  Underground Deluge Pipe Work Onshore

Cleaning Stainless Steel piping

Cleaning Stainless Steel piping from Mussles and other marine growth with our own water jetting cleaner build in a 5′ Offshore container.

Descaling Deluge System

Cleaning of piping systems

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