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Borescope Inspection in Piping

Inspection - To inspect the condition of the piping used in deluge systems, Siron Deluge Services uses a high quality Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) Borescope camera system. The robust and precise camera equipment shows any obstruction in your deluge system. Since inspection of separate sections of the deluge system is possible, interruption of the production process will be limited to a minimum.

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Inspection routines can be tailored to suit client requirements and have proven to be a valuable tool especially when clients have carried out deluge pipe work replacement or deluge descaling and cleaning. Typically wet test periods are extended after such remedial work and a focus is put more on keeping pipe work dry for longer to extend the life of each system. In conjunction with an annual SIRON Dry Deluge Testing plan put in place, corrosion levels can be monitored each year and remedial actions taken prior to any particulate build up is large enough to cause deluge nozzle blockages if there is a change of status calling for a deluge release. Most of our clients now wet deluge test on a 5 yearly interval with an annual SIRON Dry Deluge Test. Every year 20% of each deluge system is borescope camera inspected so that by the end of the 5 years clients have a complete breakdown of the condition of each system, also where to focus any remedial work, if any, to ensure that costs are kept to a minimum. Each deluge system is then kept in a fit for purpose condition for as long as possible with the focus put on preventative maintenance routine rather than a reactive maintenance routine. The cost saving to clients for ageing assets and infrastructure is then proven to be reduced over the life of field or protected plant.

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