SIRON Deluge Services

SIRON Deluge Services was established in 2006 as the offshore branch of Dutch based SIRON Fire Protection. Deluges Services specialises in Dry Deluge Testing which benefits many advantages over wet testing. All SIRON personnel are fully trained, equipped and certified to work offshore in the Dutch, Norwegian and United Kingdom areas.All of the services provided, are stated below. Below you can find more detailed and service specific information on each subject by clicking ‘Read More’.

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Dry Deluge Testing

The patented Dry Deluge Test from SIRON Deluge Services eliminates many of the regular problems. It uses pressurised smoke in stead of sea water. Any flow problem in pipes and nozzles will be proven and can be established in an easy and cost reducing way.


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Wet Deluge Testing


For some purposes SIRON Deluge Services also performs Wet Deluge Tests. Read about the specific branches that use this way of testing.





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On site inspection is one of the key elements for proof whether your deluge system is fully operational. SIRON Deluge Services’ experienced team determines the functionality of the system.




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After inspecting piping and nozzles that require proper cleaning are serviced by Deluge Services.


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Corrosion Inhibiting


SIRON Deluge Services developed it's own corrosion inhibitor. A liquid to be flushed through the deluge system after cleaning and / or testing to prevent new corrosion.


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If during inspection problems with piping or nozzles arise, SIRON Deluge Services replaces these on the spot.


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Deluge Services conducts total maintenance of deluge systems. Maintenance can both be incidental and on (yearly) contract basis.


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Dry Deluge Testing Offshore Video

To spare the deluge system and the expensive production equipment underneath, we do test deluge systems without salt water.

Through thorough testing of our witnessed smoke tests results are equal against full wet tests.